What is BAT5?

The Cognitive Behavioural Model is adapted in Body Awareness Therapy (BAT5). BAT5 applies cognitive behavioural methods to look at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Body image is how we behave towards our bodies and is NOT about how you look.  Body image can be positive or negative.

This programme consists of 5 sessions.

Who is BAT5 available to?

  • First Steps are offering BAT5 to 12 individuals aged 11 – 23 years
  • There is a requirement to commit to attending ALL sessions
  • There will be NO COST

Details about BAT5 sessions:
BAT5 will be held at First Steps main building on 16 Agard Street, Derby

The aims of BAT are:

  • To provide a place to discuss issues regarding changing body shape.
  • To provide psycho-education focusing on issues related to body image.

Please contact Sarah to find out more about the next sessions.


Alternatively please contact the First Steps team at