Most employers are aware of the importance of keeping employees healthy. Businesses may improve their outcomes by employees taking less absences and fewer trips to the doctor consequently, causing higher productivity and better performance.Yet, despite enormous evidence showing the cost effectiveness of treating and managing employee health, eating disorders and their impact on the workplace are less understood.

It is estimated that 725, 000 people in the UK have a diagnosed eating disorder, although the true scale of the issue is not known. These include anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. The shame and stigmas surrounding eating disorders keep some from seeking treatment or disclosing their illnesses to employers. Eating disorders can compromise a person’s ability to function at work and at home and results in irreversible physical damage to the body or even death.

Through supporting an employee who is struggling with an eating disorder you can help enable them to returning to leading a normal and fulfilling life. Yet, eating disorders are typically not diagnosed until the disease has reached an advanced stage.

Eating disorders are much easier to prevent than to cure, First Steps are able to provide professional training to company supervisors/staff  to look for early warning signs of eating disorders and be able to sign post to the most relevant services. If you or your business would be interested in learning more about eating disorders in the workplace please do not hesitate to contact us.