Finding comfort in your own skin.

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Finding comfort in your own skin.

Your skin holds a lot. It holds a couple more layers of skin, then some muscles, blood, bones and your organs.

Sometimes I feel like it holds a lot more, like your own likes, dislikes, your personality and who you are as a person.

I have a tendency of forgetting this most days.

There’s a small belief that if we don’t wear makeup, don’t play with our hair or our outfits that we are comfortable with who we are and therefore comfortable in our own skin. I think ever so slightly different to this. Being comfortable in our own skin is a slightly misleading phrase perhaps. It allows us to believe that if we do something irregular to our typical physical appearance routine then we are comfortable in our skin. What if this is not the case?

Like I mentioned in the beginning our skin holds a lot. It holds us. Us as people. Us as characters in our stories.To minimise ourselves to our outwardly physical appearance is forgetting a lot of important things our skin holds.

Being uncomfortable in our skin can mean not doing our makeup, it can mean taking the lead in a project, asking for help when we never would.

Being uncomfortable need not be a permanent state nor something to fear. Naturally we want to avoid being in this state but the uncomfortableness will hopefully pass, and you will realise that you made it through. Your skin will renew and your armour will be stronger again once more.

Acceptance can take time. Especially of the positives. I have always wondered if we could try to accept the idea that we aren’t always going to be comfortable with ourselves- whether it be in what we do or how we look. Maybe that’s part of the bigger picture to accepting our skin.

Accept the perceived flaws. One of the only things that has to be perfect in this world is spacecrafts. And they have science to back them up. You are not a science experiment. You are more than that. You are you, and all that your skin holds.

To take one of the popular examples some of the staff here at First Steps have forgone their typical morning routine and wanted to share an image of that. More to show that even with this change they can still get through the day and they know their armour is more than what is on the outside.

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