Our Ethos and Values

Eating difficulties and disorders don’t just affect the sufferer, they can have wide ranging implications for all those connected to the individual. At First Steps we believe that support should be available for all those affected including family, carers, parents and that accessing support early can be vital in ensuring an early and sustained recovery. Eating disorders are rarely about food, sufferers often just use this as a way of coping with their underlying emotional difficulties.

First Steps provide

1) Hope that recovery is possible. The majority of staff and volunteers have had their own experience of an eating disorder and can demonstrate that recovery is achievable.
2) Opportunities to those in recovery. We offer volunteering opportunities, therefore encouraging service user involvement in the organisation.
3) Choices to those who are struggling with their eating disorder. We offer a range of services and will tailor these to the individual.

Our Core Values are as follows:


First Steps - Eating Disorder Charity - Ethos and Values • To provide a service that is empathetic and non-judgemental
• To encourage service user involvement through volunteering
• Recognising the potential and talents of every service user
• Recognising achievements no matter how small
• Treating all people with dignity and respect
• Building professional working relationships built on confidence and trust
• Raising awareness and understanding of eating disorders
• Being passionate about recovery and believing in what we do