Pets As Therapy

Hello First Steplings,

My name is Tinka, I am a Jack Russell aged 7 years young!

I first came to First Steps when my companion died, as I was very upset and was off my food for a long time. My owner (Cathy) decided that I needed to do some voluntary work to get me out of the house!

Volunteering at First Steps has given me a new lease of life and I adore being a P.A.T Dog as I cant get enough fuss and attention and everyone is so lovely to me!

I attend the Support Group For All Ages and you may occasionally see me at the Young Persons Support Group. I am in the office most days and I also attend board meetings and other meetings at our offices with professionals and volunteers. I love being with people and going for walks.

Please feel free to pop in and see me 🙂

My official P.A.T Dog registration number is 1072973

P.s This is a picture of me in my P.A.T jacket, do you think I look pretty cool? 🙂

Tinka - Pets as Therapy