Eating Disorder Research


Ongoing Research Partnerships

Research Studies are designed to answer important questions and to find out whether new approaches are safe and effective. This research as already led to many advances, and researchers continue to search for more effective methods for dealing with eating disorders.

People involved with researching eating disorders are focusing on a number of different areas, including the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions, medications, and the combination of these treatments, with the goal of improving outcomes for people with eating disorders.

We work with a variety of organisations to further research into eating disorders, in order to improve treatment.

We work with LUCRED (Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders) and help other universities to recruit participants to take part in research.  It is very important to support this in order to help improve services and fill the gaps that we know are there.

If you would like more information about research taking place – please try these websites: