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First Steps staff are trained to deliver one hour educational workshops to 5-18 year olds that aim to give pupils the tools to build positive self-esteem. The sessions can be delivered to both girls and boys together and can provide a platform for group discussion on the image-related concerns that affect all young people in today’s society.

About the Dove Self-Esteem Programme.

Many young people develop low self-esteem from hang-ups about looks and, consequently, fail to reach their full potential in later life.  The work carried out by the Dove Self-Esteem Programme and beat is focused specifically on preventative work, aiming to help strengthen body confidence.  They have created the Self-Esteem Workshop, an educational workshop for 5-18 year olds that aims to give pupils the tools to build positive self-esteem and provide a platform for group discussion on image-related concerns.

There are at least 725,000 people in the UK and over 50,000 people in Derbyshire directly affected by an eating disorder. Young people between 14 and 25 years old are at greatest risk. Approximately 20% of those who become seriously ill may die prematurely.

Why is Positive Self-Esteem so Critical?

Experts agree that self-esteem directly impacts the lives of adolescent girls. The statistics are clear:

  • 60% of girls worldwide avoid certain activities due to feeling bad about their looks (Source: Dove global study 2010)
  • Looking at fashion magazines for just 60 minutes lowers the self-esteem of over 80% of girls (Source: Dr. Raj Persuad, Consultant Psychiatrist at London’s Maudsley Hospital)
  • 63% of girls would rather be a men’s magazine model than a doctor, teacher or nurse. (Source: TheLab, 1000 girls aged 15-19)
  • 30% of UK pupils often “worry about the way I look” (Source: Source: Ofsted’s Tellus 3 survey 2008)

According to Professor Nicola Rumsey at the Centre for Appearance Research, body image issues are implicated in:

  • the uptake of smoking (particularly in girls)
  • disordered eating (binging, purging & extreme food restriction in girls; protein powders & steroids in boys)
  • alcohol use (to reduce inhibitions around body image in social situations)
  • exercise avoidance (fears about wearing revealing clothes)

So by helping our young people to grow up with body confidence equips them with an important skill for life.

About the Self-esteem and Body Image Workshops.

First Steps is offering your students the opportunity to experience our unique, interactive workshops which are proven help to improve their self esteem and give them an understanding of how the media portrays a negative body image that is unrealistic and false.

The workshops can be delivered at a time and date convenient to your school and its pupils and are delivered by our team of expert trainers, specialising in eating disorders, self-esteem and body image.

By participating in this training First Steps will ensure that your pupils are able to understand:

  • The different body types (including mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph)
  • The terms ‘self-esteem’ and ‘body image’
  • How the media affects body image and self-esteem
  • The differences between cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • How to develop skills for positive self-esteem and body image

Prevention and early intervention is vital to long term well-being of young people who may be at risk of developing eating disorders and associated mental health problems.


“This was an enjoyable lesson with life lessons in it.”
(Student from Foremarke Hall)

“I particularly liked the way you engaged the students and how they contributed to the session.”
(Teacher from John Flamsteed)

“Before watching the videos (from the body image and self-esteem presentation) I looked in magazines and said, ‘I wish I had a body like that, I’m fat, not skinny.’ But after finding out its technology that makes them thin I feel happy about my body image.’’
(Year 5 pupil, Shelton Junior School)

“Hi, please pass on our thanks to your colleagues who delivered some excellent workshops at Shirebrook Academy last week. I sat in on part of a lesson and saw students engaging really well with sensitive issues, the activities and media clips really helped students to focus on the topic. Thanks also for your flexibility in accommodating the date changes. I hope we will be able to arrange similar sessions in future.”
(Personal Development Co-ordinator, Shirebrook Academy).

If you are interested in finding out more about these workshops, please contact Izzy Brigden at First Steps on
01332 367571
or email