New – Thanks for volunteering with First Steps Becca –

We cannot thank Becca enough. When staff at First Steps receive comments like this, we know the work we do is worthwhile.

“It’s amazing how much more nervous you get when talking in front of people you know compared to people you don’t.

I love volunteering for First Steps!  It’s amazing seeing the variety of things they do – groups, 1-1 support, body image workshops to schools & training/presentations to professionals as well as other things. Never thought I’d ever have the confidence to even be able to access their service let alone volunteer.

Today involved doctors working in general practice. Just so happened that another ‘guest speaker’ was my psychiatrist from CAMHS who was also with another one of my previous workers from CAMHS. Can’t believe how much more nervous I was just because I knew someone, yet I’ve spoken at other events & been much less anxious. Weird how anxiety works sometimes…but glad I went! 

So rewarding hearing positive feedback from the GP’s though. Another fantastic afternoon with First Steps!  Truly incredible charity.”

Becca Kirkland – First Steps Volunteer


Thanks from all at First Steps. if you believe you may be suffering with an Eating Disorder, or know of someone who is displaying the signs associated with Eating Disorders please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help.

Alternatively, if you wish to contribute to our services, please click the donate now button as every penny helps us maintain the only Eating Disorder Charity in Derbyshire.


Thanks for volunteering with First Steps Karen –

I thoroughly enjoyed being a volunteer at First Steps. It was great being able to help and support others on their journey of recovery. Being able to turn my experience into something positive was very rewarding, and so too was the very generous feedback. I learned so much from staff, other volunteers and service users. I was able to put some of my counselling skills into practice, and learn how to put boundaries in place.

The support I received throughout my time as a volunteer was invaluable. I felt there was someone there if I needed help or to talk.”


Volunteering Opportunities in Derby:

Get Involved-We Need You!

We need people to help us in the following areas:

1. Awareness raising

2. Body Image Workshop support

3. Coffee Mornings/ Drop ins

4. Family and Carers

5. Fundraising activities & events

6.  Online befriending

7. Recovery and Self Help Group

8. Training to Professionals Support


For more information contact us:

Ingham House, 16 Agard Street, Derby, DE1 1DZ

T: 01332 367571 M: 07525055673

Or send us an email via our contact form

We support people all over Derbyshire and the surrounding areas who are affected by eating difficulties and disorders; this includes parents, carers, partners, friends and families. You don’t have to be diagnosed with a particular eating disorder to access our support.

Our Volunteers

We are extremely grateful to our team of volunteers, as the work they do is a fundamental part of the ongoing functioning of First Steps.

During 2016-17, our volunteers contributed to 3600 hours for First Steps in Derbyshire. this provides a staggering £54,000 in social value!

A big thank you to:


Volunteer Role  
Louise Bellamy Counsellor
Emma Keogh Counsellor and Online Befriender
Amanda Smilie Befriender
Katie Lawson Counsellor
Judith Forest Online Befriender
Amy Hudson Online Befriender
Charlotte Gurney Online Befriender
Rebecca Smith Online Befriender
Diljit Dhanjal Online Befriender
Rachael Tomlinson Online Befriender
Alice Mileham Online Befriender
James Stanney Online Befriender
Aaleyah Symons Online Befriender
Rebecca Spong Online Befriender and Befriending monitor
Lucy Amatt Online Befriender
Melissa Ritchie Online Befriending monitor
Jenny Bates Online Befriender
Lorraine Thomas Online Befriender


Natasha Benischke Online Befriender
Harminder Cheema Online Befriender
Sarah Brigden Online Befriender
Natalie Richards Online Befriender
Sandra Bennett Hypnotherapist
Dr Anthony Natt Clinical Awareness Officer
Molly Albon Young person’s support group volunteer
Ben Stilgoe-McCombe Young person’s support group volunteer
Robbie Paton Young person’s support group volunteer
Louise Tilly Young person’s support group volunteer
Natalie Kirkland Young person’s peer mentor
Kon Sagola  Group Support
Lauren Donaghy  Group Support
Maria O’Sullivan Young person’s support group & emotional eating volunteer
Emily Elson Fundraising & CPD speaker
Becca Kirkland GP Training
Liv Sloley CPD speaker
Jayne Brain Skills for Carers support


Selina Hussain Group Support
Rebecca Kenny Group support


Nick Armstrong Videographer
Deborah Micieli Awareness raising
Tomasz Wilczynski Fundraising


Natalie Mackenzie Fundraising


Madeline Harris Vlogger
Katie Cooper Vlogger
 Lisa Horne  Online Befriender
Rose Mabbitt Online Befriender
Kristina Gumbryte Online Befriender
Laura Johnstone Online Befriender
Africa Gil Socorro Online Befriender
Sean Burr
Group support & Drop in
Amy Trolley Group support & Drop in
 Libby Selden  Drop in