January 7, 2024

Cost of living in Derbyshire continues to Spike: What Gives?

In Derbyshire, we’re seeing the cost of living keep going up, and it’s affecting a lot of us. From higher food prices to bigger energy bills, families across the country are feeling the pinch. But there’s some help on the way.  This article talks about what’s causing these increases and what’s being done to help. […]

December 27, 2023

Derbyshire home owners are moving to renting. Here is what you need to know before finding that first tenant

As more homeowners in Derbyshire consider the transition from living in their homes to renting them out, understanding the intricacies of becoming a landlord is vital.  Here’s an expanded guide for those embarking on this journey. Comprehensive Guide for Derbyshire Homeowners Assessing Financial Viability Before you start, calculate if renting your property makes financial sense. […]

December 13, 2023

In the Heart of England: Unravelling the Charm of Derbyshire Dialect

Hello, Derbyshire enthusiasts! Have you ever pondered the unique charm of our Derbyshire dialect?  Let’s dive into the distinctive linguistic tapestry that makes our county special. According to insights from BBC News and Derbyshire Live, the Derbyshire dialect is a treasure trove of history, community spirit, and a dash of cheeky humour. 1. The Quirks […]